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Introduction to KnowHow - Student Blog

by University of Liverpool Library on 2022-10-03T10:08:14+01:00 | 0 Comments


I’m Timothy, a 2nd year medical student and a member of the KnowHow student team. I wrote this short blog to introduce what KnowHow has to offer to everyone to help lighten the transition between A-Levels and University.

Arriving to a new city and campus, coupled with having to contend with the new academic structure of university teaching, can be a very overwhelming task. Hence, KnowHow, as a platform, was set up with the explicit purpose of helping all students with their academic and university life, regardless of their academic ability.

Workshops and webinars  

Being able to plan our time well and learning how to take notes during teaching sessions are an exceptional tool to harness. It will not only increase the efficiency of your study sessions and maximise your productivity, but also free up more time for leisure and hobbies. In the weeks to come, we will be having workshops and webinars on how to do those and more. As essay tasks start to be handed out, we will also be holding sessions on planning essays, researching sources and formatting citations. With multiple runs and repeat runs of each session and many available slots allocated for each session, do not worry about missing out on any!

Canvas Courses

Should you find yourself unable to attend our sessions, fret not! We provide our sessions in the form of interactive Canvas courses for you to go through in your free time. Upon registration as a student at the University, you would have had access to the “KnowHow: Study for success” course on Canvas. You can access all our online tutorials and find out more on events happening at the KnowHow space on there.

English Language Support

If you are an international student and find yourself struggling with the English language, we provide courses on how to better wield the language, such as punctuation and advanced grammar tutorials. We believe that having a different mother tongue language should not be an impediment to your university life.

Statistics and Writing Help

Statistics and Academic writing may be a foreign task for some coming from A Levels and may seem insurmountable. Understanding this, we provide both specific and generalised sessions for every student, with the option for a 1-1 session with our Stats@Liverpool and Writing@Liverpool tutors from a range of disciplines for an even more tailored advice.


As we emerge from the period of Covid, many may still be reeling from the wrecking effects it may have on our mental health. Partnering with academics and organisations, we have a myriad of courses on improving well-being at university on offer. From building resilience at university, living with and understanding flat mates to Suicide Awareness Trainings, there is a course for everyone. We provide a safe and non-judgemental space for everyone to share their feelings and experiences and learn tips on self-improvement.

Accessing KnowHow

Having learnt all about what KnowHow has to offer, I hope it has provoked an interest into our platform and services in you. Accessing KnowHow is very easy, you can either find it under the Help & Support section on the University Library website or by reading the KnowHow guide.

You can find out more about what we have to offer, information on upcoming sessions and book your places for them on there.

You can also find us on social media (Instagram, Twitter and TikTok) @LivUniLibrary where we post updates on sessions on offer and fun and quirky takes on university life by our student team members.

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