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We're here for you

by University of Liverpool Library on 2020-10-13T15:47:00+01:00 | Comments

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As part of the additional safety measures announced this week, we're not currently able to offer a face-to-face enquiry service in our libraries, until at least the end of October. 

You'll still see some staff around the building, keeping things going behind the scenes, but in order to ensure we maintain social distance and to keep everyone as safe as possible, we're moving all enquiries online.

Here are the ways you can get help from us:

  • Our extensive Library FAQ knowledgebase provides lots of answers 
  • If you need instant support, we offer a live chat service, available 24/7. You can find a link to it on most of our pages 
  • We're available via email for when you don't need an instant answer
  • You can send us an SMS text message to 0151 329 2657 (yes, text this number)
  • We're on social media: find us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook
  • For more in-depth or subject-related support, our Liaison Librarians are available via email and our new dedicated appointment system, should you need it. Here you'll be able to speak to your Liaison Librarian live via Microsoft Teams and see their friendly face whilst getting help
  • There will be somebody on reception in the Library to check you have a space booked, but for any other queries please see our online options where our librarians will be waiting to help you virtually
  • CSD (Computing Services Department) are available for all your IT-related queries and they've got similar support options - pop over to the CSD Service Desk 

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