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Pamphlet literature from the 16th-20th centuries, covering British political and economic controversies from the Civil War to the Second World War, with a 19th century collection on Liverpool local history.

Knowsley pamphlet 446(6)Civil War, 1642: Knows.pamph. 446(6)

Pamphlets reveal the great debates, campaigns, and controversies of their age, written polemically to reach a mass audience, and covering all aspects of society, including politics, science and technology, the arts and entertainment. The known personal and family provenance of most of the pamphlet collections at Liverpool adds an extra dimension to their use as a valuable primary resource in research and teaching.

17th to 19th-century pamphlet collections
20th-century pamphlet collections
Pamphlet Highlights

Proposed British decimal currency, 1854Proposed British decimal currency, 1854

British 19th Century Pamphlets Online includes pamphlets from the Library of the 14th Earl of Derby at Knowsley Hall, many of them sent by their authors to lobby him as prime minister. 
SPEC Knows.pamph. 612(4).


Finding and using

  • The 19th Century British Pamphlets project gives online access via JSTOR to the full text of more than 20,000 pamphlets in major research collections, including Liverpool's 19th-century Knowsley Pamphlets.