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Spanish Civil War Collections

The University of Liverpool holds extensive materials relating to the Spanish Civil War, including the E. Allison Peers, E.J. Burford and Manuel Irujo collections.

Image of Spanish Civil War pamphletE. Allison Peers collection. Edgar Allison Peers, (1891-1952) was Gilmour Professor of Spanish at the University of Liverpool and founder of the Bulletin of Hispanic Studies, which included his column of contemporary analysis of the Civil War, “Spain, Week by Week”.

He collected nearly 300 contemporary books and pamphlets, with press cuttings, lecture notes and correspondence, relating to Spain during the Civil War and its aftermath.


E. J. Burford papers

Eyewitness accounts of the military uprising in Barcelona in July 1936. One box of correspondence, photographs, radio broadcasts, press cuttings, a propaganda booklet and ephemera relating to the week E. J. Burford spent in Barcelona, Spain during July 1936.

Ronald Fraser oral history tapes

Transferred to the Archivo Histórico de Mijas, via Carlos Pujilla, in 2022. The research materials (6 boxes of 88 taped interviews and transcripts) collected by Ronald Fraser for his books In Hiding: the life of Manuel Cortes (1972) and The Pueblo: a mountain village on the Costa del Sol (1973). Previously at Liverpool, via QUALIDATA, 1998.

Eleanor Rathbone papers

Records of the work of politicians on behalf of refugees from the war. Five files (RP.XIV.2.10-14) reflecting Eleanor Rathbone's parliamentary career during the Spanish Civil War as a member of the Joint Committee for Spanish Relief and Honorary Secretary for the Parliamentary Committee on Refugees.

Manuel Irujo Collection

Printed material from the library of Manuel Irujo (1891-1981), Navarrese lawyer and politician, and exponent of Basque culture, donated by his family. It includes Basque newspapers published for exiles in both Europe and the Americas, and many rare Basque language publications.

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