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Links to other Josephine Butler Related Collections

The University of Liverpool holds one of the major national collections relating to Josephine Butler comprising the Josephine Butler Papers: correspondence, personal papers, paintings, portraits, photographs, press cuttings and memorabilia, the archive of Josephine Butler Memorial House and related printed material. The following list gives details of other collections.

  • The Women's Library, London Metropolitan University: The Josephine Butler Society Library.
  • Northumberland County Record Office: Grey family archive (ZBU.E2: papers of the Revd George Butler and ZBU.E3: papers of Josephine E. Butler, including diaries and letters)
  • British Library Manuscripts: Josephine Butler correspondence
  • Leeds University, Brotherton Library: Correspondence between Josephine Butler and Hannah Ford
  • University of St Andrews Library: Autograph album of 102 items, mostly letters addressed to the Butlers from public figures concerned with the social reform movement
  • Royal Institute of British Architects' Library: Butler family papers
  • Salvation Army Heritage Centre Rebecca Jarrett papers
  • Balliol College, Oxford
  • The Benjamin Jowett Papers (published catalogue: The Jowett Papers, by Robin Darwall-Smith, Oxford: Balliol College, 1993 ISBN 0 9512569 3 9). See:
    • I E22/2 A collection of reminiscences of Jowett sent to Abbott and Campbell during preparation of The Life and Letters of Benjamin Jowett, 1897. Writers include Josephine Butler; I F11/26 Copies of letters from Jowett to various correspondents. Those to the Duchess of Bedford include discussions on common friends (e.g. Josephine Butler); III N263, 275 Letters from Jowett to Florence Nightingale, containing references to Josephine Butler ([17 Oct. 1869]; 30 Jan. 1870)
    • Readers wishing to consult the Jowett Papers should apply in writing to The Librarian, Balliol College, Oxford OX1 3BJ, or by email to It is regretted that photocopies cannot be supplied.
  • Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool: Bust and plaster relief of Josephine E. Butler by Alexander Munro (1825-1871), probably after 1852
  • National Portrait Gallery, London: Portrait of Josephine E. Butler by G.F. Watts, 1895
  • Church House: Holds student records relating to Josephine Butler Memorial House
  • The Anglican Cathedral of Liverpool: Holds much of the former library of Josephine Butler Memorial House

Finding and using

  • Finding aid for the Josephine Butler Papers and Josephine Butler Memorial House Archive (unpublished collections).
  • Books and pamphlets in the Josephine Butler collection.
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