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Theodore William Rathbone (14 Mar 1832 - 21 Oct 1890) & Maria Mary Payne Rathbone (d.1913)

Portrait of Theodore William RathbonePortrait of Maria Rathbone


Theodore was the eldest son of Theodore Woolman Rathbone and Lucy (née Pearson).

m. (9 July 1861) Maria Mary Payne Johnstone, (d. 1 Mar 1913), daughter of James Johnstone, M.D., of Birmingham, and lived at Backwood, Neston.

Three children:
Theodore (17 Mar 1864 - 13 Apr 1864)
May (1866-1960)
Lucy (1869 - 11 Dec 1872)

Theodore was educated at Trinity College, Cambridge, BA 1854, MA 1858. He purchased a commission as cornet in the 6th (Inniskillin) Dragoons on 30 Jul 1858, and was a J.P. for Cheshire. He proposed "a simpler, sounder and more comprehensive" scheme of decimal coinage (1853) in response to the House of Commons report on the question, and presented a paper to the British Association for the Advancement of Science at their meeting in Liverpool the following year.

Records for books by Theodore William Rathbone

Theodore William and Maria Rathbone in the Rathbone papers

The Papers of Theodore William Rathbone (RP XVI) date from 1846-1927 and include:

  • RP XVI.1 - General Correspondence (71 items)
  • RP XVI.2 - Deeds and Accounts (298 items)

The papers of Maria Rathbone (RPXVII) date from 1855 - 1912, and include:

  • RP XVII.1 - General correspondence (18 items)
  • RP XVII.2 - Accounts (11 items, chiefly receipts and share certificates

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