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Special Collections & Archives logo : William Rathbone III (1726 - 11 Aug 1789)

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William Rathbone III (1726 - 11 Aug 1789)

"no man here has before or since contributed more powerfully to maintain the upright character of a British merchant at home abroad" - Dr John Rutter, in a letter of 1835 (RP I.1.4)

Portrait of William Rathbone IIIEldest son of William Rathbone II and Sarah (née Hyde), baptised on 24 Jul 1726 at Liverpool St Peter. He was a Liverpool merchant and ship-owner, a devout Quaker, and committed opponent of the slave trade.

m. 1. (1750) Rachel Rutter (d. 4 Feb 1761). Six children:
Sarah (1751-1827) m. (23 May 1781) Robert Benson
Ann (1754-1756)
Elizabeth (1756-1798)
William Rathbone IV (1757-1809)
Rachel (1758-1769)
Ann (1760-1761)

m. 2. (1761) Margaret Fletcher (1730 - 17 Jan 1793). Five children:
Margaret (1763-1767)
Benjamin (1765-1767)
Fletcher (b. + d. 1768)
Fletcher (d. young)
Jane (1766-1767)

William Rathbone III in the Rathbone papers

RP I: The papers of William Rathbone III are a small group dating from 1721-1789, and include:

  • RP I.1 - Correspondence (4 items)
  • RP I.2 - Deeds (6 items)


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