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Referencing is an important part of academic writing.  This Guide introduces you to the basics of why and how to reference and gives guidance on the different referencing styles used at the University of Liverpool.  It also points you towards referencing packages that can help.

For help with referencing, contact your Liaison Librarian.

Why should you reference?

You need to reference:

  • to show where your information came from
  • to allow your reader to identify your sources and verify your data
  • to show the extent of your research
  • to strengthen your academic argument
  • to avoid plagiarism

When do you need to reference?

Whenever you:

  • quote using someone else's exact words
  • paraphrase or summarise what they said
  • use their idea
  • use an image or diagram 

Referencing Tutorial

What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is passing off someone else’s ideas as your own. If you don’t know when to cite and reference the sources you have used, you may be guilty of plagiarism without realising it. If you keep a record of where you find your information, then it will be easy to find the details when you need to reference your work.

For more information on plagiarism please refer to the University Policy for Dealing with Plagiarism, Collusion and Fabrication of Data.

Cite Them Right Online

We have access to Cite Them Right, the online version of Pears and Shields' guide.

Very useful for answering all your referencing questions!

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