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Vancouver Referencing Style

Vancouver is a numerical referencing style used by the School of Medicine. The Citing Medicine version of this style (available in EndNote Desktop) is published by the National Library of Medicine and is recommended by the BMJ, JAMA and The Lancet. The Vancouver-NIH style is a previous version of the Citing Medicine style, and can also be found in EndNote. You can choose to use either style as long as you apply it consistently, however you may prefer the format of references created by the Citing Medicine style, and it is worth noting that Vancouver-NIH is no longer updated.

Always double-check with your supervisor or School Office that you are using the correct style.

Vancouver Style Guides

Using Citing Medicine in EndNote

The Citing Medicine and Vancouver-NIH styles are available in EndNote Desktop. If you require superscript citations, please follow the guidance below: 

  1. Open EndNote Desktop
  2. Click Edit >> Output Styles >> Edit (your chosen style)
  3. In menu on the left, under Citations, click Templates
  4. Highlight (Bibliography-Number)
  5. Click on A1 at the top of the editing window (this looks like an "A" with a superscript "1") and delete the brackets
  6. Close the output style (using the small 'x' in the top right corner).  When the dialogue box asks if you want to save it, say yes.  Give the style a new name e.g."Vancouver Superscript".

If you have downloaded EndNote Desktop to your own computer and the Citing Medicine style does not appear in the list of referencing styles, it can be downloaded from Clarivate: Citing Medicine output style. If you require superscript citations, you can then edit the style as above.

To use the accepted journal abbreviations for Vancouver in EndNote you need to add them to your EndNote Desktop. See below for instructions.

See further help with using EndNote.