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About EndNote Desktop

EndNote Desktop is a reference management package. It enables you to build up a library of references. You can insert references into your work using the Cite While You Write plugin and automatically create bibliographies from your EndNote Desktop library. 

What's good about EndNote Desktop?

Using EndNote Desktop

EndNote Desktop is available on campus where the Managed Windows Service (MWS) has been or can be installed. This would normally be in Teaching Centres and on computers provided in the Library. For help accessing EndNote desktop please see the EndNote Desktop Guide.

​It is possible to download EndNote Desktop onto your own PC or laptop. Download available from the CSD software downloads service.

When installing EndNote Desktop on Microsoft Windows, you are recommended to right-click the install file and 'run as administrator', if you do not do this you may only see the 'trial' version after installing. 

Some users have reported downloading the trial version only, please see this guide to resolve this issue. If you are having problems downloading EndNote Desktop onto your laptop please contact the Service Desk.

Downloading / Editing referencing styles in EndNote Desktop

If you need to download additional referencing styles, or make changes to your chosen referencing style in EndNote Desktop (e.g. superscript citations, number of authors in a citation etc.), see the links below:

EndNote: Official guides and videos

Important - Please see our advice above to download and install EndNote Desktop.

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