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Introducing EndNote Desktop

EndNote 20 introduced a new version of our EndNote reference software (for Windows and Macintosh computers) with features to:

  • Keep all your references and reference-related materials in a searchable personal library.
  • Synchronize your references between up to three of your personal computers.
  • Set up a library sharing team and effortlessly collaborate with up to 400 co-authors and colleagues.
  • Cite your references in word processing documents to create formatted citations and bibliographies or independent reference lists.

Please see the following videos: 

What's new in EndNote? (a quick overview of new features)

Migrating to the new version of EndNote (full advice for migrating your Library)

For PDF versions of the videos (with captions), see What's new in EndNote and Migrating to the new version of EndNote.

See tabs below for our EndNote workbook (tasks to learn EndNote), further video, tutorials and our scheduled EndNote training.

What's new in EndNote 20?

Using EndNote

EndNote Desktop is available on campus where the Managed Windows Service (MWS) has been or can be installed. This would normally be in Teaching Centres and on computers provided in the Library. For help accessing EndNote please the EndNote Desktop Guide.

​It is possible to download EndNote Desktop onto your own PC or laptop. Download available from the IT Services software downloads service.

When installing EndNote Desktop on Microsoft Windows, you are recommended to right-click the install file and 'run as administrator', if you do not do this you may only see the 'trial' version after installing. 

Some users have reported downloading the trial version only, please see this guide to resolve this issue. If you are having problems downloading EndNote Desktop onto your laptop please contact the Service Desk.

Please see our bookable Endnote Desktop workshops available online using Microsoft Teams.

EndNote: Official guides and videos

Important - Please see our advice above to download and install EndNote Desktop.