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OSCOLA Referencing Style

OSCOLA (Oxford Standard for the Citation of Legal Authorities) is the style used by the Law School at the University of Liverpool.  

OSCOLA is minimal style and uses very little punctuation. It may be quite different to any referencing style you have used before, however the OSCOLA Quick Guide will help you by providing examples and advice on how to use OSCOLA in your work.

OSCOLA Style Guides

Use the guides below to help you format your references correctly in the OSCOLA style. The OSCOLA Quick Guide covers the majority of sources you will need to cite and provides additional advice, such as the best way to refer to the same source several times and incorporating quotations into your work. 

OSCOLA referencing: Support and guidance Sway resource

The materials in this Sway file will help you to understand the importance of academic referencing and how to reference appropriately and in the correct style. The Sway file is a mixture of text, videos and activities to support the development of your referencing and academic integrity skills. Click on the three dots in the top right hand corner of the image below to open up the Sway in a new tab.





OSCOLA and reference management software

For longer pieces of work such as dissertations, you may want to use reference management software. EndNote is available via the University network.

OSCOLA can be used with EndNote, although some editing of references may be required. For more information see the OSCOLA referencing software guidance created by the University of Oxford.

The University Library offers EndNote workshops for those new to the software. Check the Library Training Calendar for details.