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About EndNote Online

EndNote Online is web-based reference management package. It enables you to build up an online database or 'library' of references. You can then select a referencing style and insert citations and references in your work using the 'Cite While You Write' plug-in. 

What's good about EndNote Online?

  • EndNote Online is available from any device with an internet connection 
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac OS 
  • Many different output styles 

Registering for EndNote Online

  1. To register for an EndNote Online account, visit EndNote Online activation (see MWS login in right menu, or see this alternative link).
  2. Click the link 'EndNote Online Activation Details'.
  3. Enter your University of Liverpool email address (this is your UoL/MWS username/ email e.g.

  4. You will be prompted to supply your full name and define a password:

  5. You should see a message indicating 'EndNote registration is complete'. You can now access EndNote Online, providing a range of features to manage your citations.
  6. When you have registered for an EndNote Online login, you can access the platform at

EndNote: Official guides and videos

Important - Please see our advice above to access EndNote Online.

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