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A New Version of EndNote is Here!

by Sophie O'Hanlon on 2023-08-01T15:00:00+01:00 | 0 Comments

We have now upgraded to EndNote 20, providing you with a new and improved version ready for the new academic year!

Our Librarians have updated all of the guidance materials so we are ready to support you from day one and we are here to help you with any questions you might have about the process.

If you are currently using EndNote x9 for a research project on a personal device or University laptop and wish to continue, this option is of course still available to you. You can just upgrade when you’re ready!

If you’re not currently using EndNote, you’re missing out! EndNote is a reference management software that enables you to:

  • Keep all your references and reference-related materials such as PDFs in a searchable personal library.
  • Synchronize your references so you can access your Library from different computers.
  • Cite your references in Microsoft Word documents to easily create formatted citations, bibliographies or independent reference lists.

Get organised, save time and fly through your next research project. You can also download EndNote for personal devices on the IT Services software hub.

For videos and workbooks, including what’s new in EndNote 20 and help moving to the new version, see EndNote Support on our Referencing pages.

Further Help using EndNote 20

Contact your Liaison Librarian or for online programmes contact the E-Learning Librarian).

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