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Library for Online Programmes

Changes to LIbrary Systems 2022/23

Library System Changes for 2022/23 (Library for Online Programmes)

Note - advice on changes outlined below refers to use of the Library for Online Programmes site (, this advice may differ slightly from advice on changes for the main University Library (campus) homepage.

Why are Library systems changing?

Library systems will be changing this Autumn to improve our services, this will result in a unified Library interface rather than rely on older separate platforms. This new system will provide much better integration for Library physical and online resources.

Some of these changes will involve Library borrowing (of physical items), we will also be changing our discovery system, replacing the DISCOVER platform with a new interface.

The resources that we offer will not be changing, you’ll just be accessing it through a new interface. 

If you use physical borrowing, or use personalised features of the Library Catalogue, you will notice changes which come into effect on 23rd August (see list below).

We will soon be introducing our new online Library platform for accessing our print and online resources, you will be able to familiarise yourself with the platform by visiting our new interface from August 23rd. 

You can see an overview of the changes here: also see this blog post.

Timetable for Change

  • August 23rd 2022 - some personalised features, such as ‘My Folder’ (in DISCOVER/EBSCO) will become unavailable, please see checklist below for advice on archiving any required legacy data.
    From August 23rd, if you require use of personalised Library features such as viewing your physical loaning history, or personalised features for E-Resources (such as saved searches or bookmarking items) you will need to access these from our new search platform. See this page for an overview of the platform (updated with video and guides shortly).
    Please also see notes below on the retirement of our older Library Catalogue system.
  • August 23rd 2022 - access available to our new Library search interface. From this time, you will be able to become familiar with our new search interface for physical and online resources. You will be able to access the new platform from a preview link on the Library for Online Programmes homepage. The DISCOVER platform will not be updated with new items, for new content you are advised to access our new search platform after this time.
  • Dec 23rd 2022 - the EBSCO DISCOVER platform will be replaced with our new Library search platform on the Online Library homepage. We will provide a range of video and guides shortly on using the new platform. Also see the checklist below if you need to save your DISCOVER/EBSCO 'My Folder' search history. 
  • DISCOVER will be available as a legacy link on the Library for Online Programmes homepage until Spring 2023. After this time DISCOVER will no longer be available from the Library for Online Programmes site, you will be required to use our new search platform. Please ensure you become familiar with the new interface before this date. Please contact the Online Librarian for support or book a consultation.

Checklist - what do I need to know?

Whilst we want the transition to our new Library system to be as seamless for you as possible, there are some things that unfortunately can't be transferred across for you. We therefore advise you of the following, so that you're prepared and can make any backups as required.

Changes to Library Services

There will be some changes for delivery of Library services:

  • There will be a short period of time when physical loan items will need to be borrowed via a member of staff on the desk, instead of via a self issue terminal. The date for this will be confirmed, but it is most probably 19th - 23rd August
  • For document supply services, such as Inter-Library Loan, there may be a possible delay in us supplying items to you throughout the month of August, whilst everything is happening in the background - we will do our best to minimise any impact of this though

Changes to the Library Catalogue

One of our older systems the Library Catalogue will be retired on August 23rd, its services will migrate to our new systems, if you use the Catalogue's personalised features you may need to do the following:

  • The Library Catalogue will not be available after 23rd Aug for searching or linking to print or online resources, please use Library discovery services to search for digital or print items. For support using our platforms please contact your Librarian.

Changes to our Library search platform

  • DISCOVER will no longer be updated with newly purchased content after 23rd Aug - you will need to access our new Library search platform for any newly licensed Library resources from that date. For help using the new platform please see this page (this will be updated with video and guides shortly). if you still have difficulties, please contact the Online Librarian.
  • Do you use 'My Folder' in DISCOVER?  If so, you’ll need to save this ahead of 23rd August. Access your ‘My Folder’ borrowing history, choose the ‘Export’ option and follow the prompts.

Changes to Get it For Me

  • Do you want to save your Get it For Me request history? If so, you’ll need to save this ahead of 23rd August. Access Get it For Me, choose the ‘History’ option and copy and paste the requests you wish to save. You do not need to resubmit outstanding requests.

Access to ‘My Folder’ after Aug 23rd

If you are unable to export your ‘My Folder’ data after Aug 23rd, please contact your Librarian for advice to obtain your data. See this page for advice on exporting or printing your search history (please note - it is not possible to import DISCOVER search data into other platforms).

Further Help

You can access guides and video introducing our new platform on the Training area of the Library for Online Programmes. For further questions on the above changes, please contact the Online Librarian.

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