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Library for Online Programmes

Reading Lists @ Liverpool is the University reading list platform, allowing students to access their reading lists in electronic format and providing academic staff with a facility to manage and automate many aspects of list management using online tools.

You can see a brief overview of Reading Lists @ Liverpool by viewing the following video (use arrows in bottom right corner to expand video to full screen):

You may need to discuss the management of your reading lists using Reading Lists @ LIverpool with your Librarian, this may require identifying exact module names/ IDs (it may be useful to identify key administrative staff able to support this).

RL@L Guides and Resources 

Staff engaged in online programmes should attend a Reading Lists @ Liverpoool workshop or contact the Online Librarian to schedule an online session.

See our Reading Lists @ Liverpool support site, containing guides and video on using the platform, also see the Guide for Module Coordinators (Please note - some procedures are different for online programmes with our E-Learning partners,  see notes below).

Notes and Tips on using RL@L (all programmes)

Accessing RL@L - when staff are assigned to lists (requiring an MWS username) they can access ‘Log In’ to begin using the platform (access off-campus requires logging in with the MWS username/password), on first visit it is necessary to complete a personal profile

Requesting a new Canvas (non-partnership) RL@L list - non-partnership programmes may be approached by their Liasion Librarian (for their school/ discipline) to manage RL@L lists, you can also contact the E-Learning Librarian for advice.

Using DISCOVER or the RL@L bookmark tool to add items and links - you can add journals and other commercial scholarly items from DISCOVER (follow the 'ReadingLists@Liverpool' icon in results or the item record), or use the 'bookmark button' (download from 'My Bookmarks' in RL@L). When adding items to your 'My Bookmarks' area, you can then select items for use in lists. You are advised to avoid manually adding licensed/ commercial E-Resource hyperlinks in RL@L, however if you do add commercial database/ journal links manually (using Article or Journal item types) these will be transformed by adding our our UoL login system within the URL (you are advised to test any such links using an external/ non-UoL campus network location).

Key Texts - please ensure core or key texts are flagged in RL@L lists, see FAQ: What is the difference between Key, Recommended and Background in Reading Lists @ Liverpool?

Using Sections for weekly lists - Assigned editors can create ‘sections’ (sub-headed areas within the same list) to differentiate groups of resources, this will offer a means to present weekly lists (within the Module list).

Canvas (non-partnership programmes) integration - for enquiries on integration or linking of RL@L reading lists within the learning environment/ online academic modules, please contact the E-Learning Librarian. For integration with the campus VLE, Canvas (for non-partnership online programmes), see this FAQ, also see further advice for Canvas on the Reading Lists @ Liverpool Library site. Additional Canvas (campus VLE) guides are available on request from the E-Learning Librarian on Adding a BibliU book to a Canvas module, Adding a Reading List to a Canvas Module, Add content from DISCOVER to a Canvas module.

Adding WWW links/content in RL@L - when adding a publicly visible Web site/ Web resource (or Web-linked file, such as a PDF) please avoid adding the item as an Article or Journal. If you add a public WWW resource as an Article or Journal, the Web site URL will include our journal login URL, which will result in an EZProxy error.  Please select the Web site, Web Page, Document or similar item types for publicly accessible Web content. 

Assigning rights to another editor - to assign editing RL@L rights to a list, visit the list required and use the pull-down menu (top of page) Edit > Assign List Owners.

'Request Review' and 'Request Digitisation' -  Important: the 'Request Review' service is not used for online partnership programmes (with KOL). This option activates a review by the Library's CCD department and may result in purchasing print textbooks which will not be useful for online or overseas users. For any list review you are advised to consult with your librarian (and for KOL related programmes to liaise also with your KOL contacts, e.g. for Vital Source purchasing) rather than activate the review tool in RL@L. 

Adding links to E-Resources -  it should not be necessary to add custom links to commercial E-Resources, links should be added automatically when you use DISCOVER or the 'Bookmark Bar', however you can use Link Builder options (see the Apps area of this site) e.g. for incidental links in the learning platform, blogs etc. 

Guidance on selection, review of access to readings, purchasing requests - procedures for review of reading lists, access options and purchasing differ slightly for online programmes with our E-Learning partners and non-partnership programmes. See the Staff page for advice on purchasing/ original resource requests and consult with the E-Learning Librarian. A  Workflow for management of readings has been produced for online staff, please contact the E-Learning Librarian to request a copy. Further detailed advice on purchasing and related issues is shown in the Library > Guides area on the Online Prorammes and Online Library SharePoint sites or KOL Teams site.

'Private' marker on published lists - the 'Private' marker will remain on published lists, this is related to the way RL@L is configured for recording metrics, this does not affect student's access to lists or the list published status.

Procedures for Online Programmes with our E-Learning Partners

Requesting a new KOL RL@L module list - use the Request a Module List tab above to request a new list, you can supply details for any staff who need to edit the list.

Kaplan learning platform integration - For integration with the Kaplan learning environment, please also consult the KOL development team.

New E-Book or other E-Resource requests - for programmes with our E-Learning partners, please see the Staff page for advice on purchasing/ original resource requests. Developers working on programmes with our E-Learning partners should avoid using either the Request Review or Request Digitisation options. For enquires on purchasing or reading list reviews, please contact the E-Learning Librarian.

Each reading list requested by online staff is assigned to a unique module name/ID, you will need to supply some details to allow the Library to create the Module list.

  • Your full name
  • Your staff ID
  • Your MWS username
  • Your email 
  • Online Department/Area e.g. Computing Science
  • Module ID
  • Module name
  • Module coordinator/leader
  • Approximate no. of students using this list if known
  • Any existing list which you would like to use as a template for us to create the new list (which you can then modify)
  • Further individual staff requiring access to the list

If you have any difficulties using the submission form below, or are requesting a reading list for non-Kaplan programmes, please contact the Online Librarian.



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