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Library for Online Programmes

Note - all current university staff and students have access to the same online services such as Library E-Resources, University email and other networked services. Some networked Library services are also available to Alumni (see the Alumni page).

Newly enroled online students (after August 2022) do not normally need to register for library borrowing, as this is already enabled on enrolment, you can log into our Library Search platform, or the Library App (see note below and above tabs) to review records such as  your physical loans or use of other services such as document supply (Get it for Me). See conditions of use for physical loaning below. Online students are not issued with a campus ID card by default, you can however use the Library App to loan items or review Library records, if you require a physical ID card, please see the above tab 'ID Cards' for more information on how to request a card.

For campus maps see Maps and Directions, you can see locations of the two University Libraries, the Sydney Jones Library (Arts and Humanities) and Harold Cohen Library (Sciences, Engineering, Medical Sciences).

Also see the Library's 'Getting Started' guide providing an overview of physical and campus Library services and apps.

See the above tabs for further details on using physical services for online or remote users, such as requesting an ID card, applying for SCONUL Access to use another UK Higher Education Library, or using the Library App to review your Library records or loan items.

Please note the following conditions for use of the physical Libraries:

  • Online students (or online staff) visiting the physical Libraries are encouraged to identify your University status (such as your student enrolment letter or appointment letter for staff). 
  • You must be a current UK resident for any form of Library borrowing (UK residency is not however required for access to the UoL/ MWS network).
  • Any student, regardless of physical borrowing needs can apply for a UoL ID card (see 'Physical Borrowing' tab above).
  • You can also register for a visitor ID card or ask for a day pass when visiting the Libraries in person (if you do not require use of borrowing/Library services). Visitor registration and the day pass do not require UK residency.

The following membership/ access options are available for the physical Libraries:

Library Borrowing for Online students 

Online or distance learning-based students enroled prior to September 2022 do not have a borrowing account activated by default on enrolment. Online students in this category wishing to use physical Library services must request a Library borrowing account (if you require physical loaning and related campus services). Note - current UK residency (during your studies) is required to register for a physical borrowing account. To register for borrowing please contact the online Librarian please include your student username or ID when making the request.

Online or distance learning-based students enroled following August 2022 should already be registered as patrons on our new Library Search platform.

When you have ensured your registration is activated on our new Library Search platform, use the 'Sign In' link in the top-right corner of Library Search, you can then access your loan history in addition to your saved online searches and bookmarked items.

For help checking your Library physical loaning record see this FAQ.

See information on the physical libraries at Liverpool and campus maps

Also see the Library's 'Getting Started' guide providing an overview of physical and campus Library services and apps.

Please also note, if you have a disability support plan and would like to obtain support when using campus Libraries, please ensure you disclose your plan to the Library when undertaking registration for borrowing (or disclose this when undertaking any remote registration, please discuss this with your Librarian). If you prefer to disclose your support plan via your student manager/ advisor, please ask them to contact your Librarian.

Honorary Staff

Online Staff not employed directly by UoL (e.g. working with our online partner and teaching online) with 'Recognised Teacher Status' and with a UK residential address can access Library borrowing services. Many honorary staff are not yet added to our new 'Library Search' platform to loan or view loaning records, if you are unable to use the 'Sign In' feature of 'Library Search' to save favourites or use additional services please contact your Librarian. Note, you do not need to Sign In to Library Search to access fulltext eresources, simply click the 'Available Online', PDF or similar links in Library Search records.

Other membership options

If you are not a current student, for external or other borrowing options, please see

Also see the Library's 'Getting Started' guide providing an overview of physical and campus Library services and apps.


Document Supply Services

Our document supply service ('Get it For Me') is available for online students, providing a digital copy of unavailable items via email or in print delivered to your home address. Please note, the Library is unable to mail/post print copies overseas. Note on 1st use of GIFM you will need to check and submit a profile, when asked for the expiry date shown on your ID card, you can supply this if shown on your white ID/campus smartcard, if you don't have an ID card either check your registration documents for a programme end date, or contact the Online Librarian for advice.

You are advised to initially contact the Online Librarian with your required publication details, the librarian can then advise on any readily available options, then provide you with support for use of our document supply service in the event the item is unavailable. 

Also note - online students are not required to register for physical Library borrowing to use Get it For Me, this service does not require UK residency and is available to overseas based users.


SCONUL Access is a scheme allowing UoL Library members physical access to reciprocal UK University Libraries.

There are a few SCONUL limitations, including:

  • SCONUL can only be applied for if you are currently enroled on an academic programme of study at University of Liverpool, this requires UK residency during study.
  • SCONUL institutions may not provide physical borrowing for taught programmes (e.g. MBA, MPH) and may only allow physical borrowing for research based programmes (such as PhD, MPhil or a professional doctorate), you should consult the local academic Library for SCONUL arrangements.
  • SCONUL may be useful for taught undergraduate access to the physical buildings of a local/ external University and for reference (non lending) access to their physical collections. 
  • SCONUL cannot be used by external (e.g. public) Library members, alumni or other forms of borrowing membership.

You can obtain a SCONUL approval email either by completing the SCONUL online form, or request this from any of our Libraries (in Liverpool). You can then present your SCONUL approval email at the local academic Library you wish to use (the relevant Libraries must be participants of the scheme).

 For further information about SCONUL please see

For further suggestions on use of local Libraries for physical study facilities or access to electronic or print collections, see the tab above, WorldCat and Other Library Services.

Drop in PC/ Library databases access

Any member of the public can access drop-in access to our full Library E-Resources, if you are travelling from a distance you are advised to discuss your visit before hand with the relevant Library.

Alumni Library borrowing

Alumni/ graduates of the University can apply for ongoing access to borrow physical items (this borrowing option requires UK residency), please note, this category of membership does not provide some wider inter-Library/document supply services. For other alumni services including electronic alumni databases, please see the alumni page.

Also see the Library's 'Getting Started' guide providing an overview of physical and campus Library services and apps.

For advice on current visitor access please see our Visitor FAQ.

Free Visitor Access

Any member of the public (including non-UK resident online students) can access the physical University Libraries for reference (not borrowing) without cost.  This option will provide you with a visitor ID card allowing you to pass Library gates/turnstiles to enter the buildings. To obtain a visitor card you will need to complete a 'Visitor' registration form, including a passport sized photograph to create your ID card. If you think you may be visiting the Library for an extended period you should consider applying to your Librarian for a visitor account before your visit (it can take several days to create the account when you apply in person).

Day pass

It is also possible to ask for a day pass to enter Library buildings for reference purposes, this avoids the requirement to register for a visitor pass, you are advised however to present your enrolment or similar document on entering the Libraries. 

Also see the Library's 'Getting Started' guide providing an overview of physical and campus Library services and apps.

Obtaining a campus ID card

If you require a campus ID card (used to gain entry to Library buildings, avoiding the need to register for a day pass etc.) you should email with your request (note - online students with KOL should make their request for a UoL ID card to their student support team via the student portal).

Please include your student ID number when requesting a card. Please follow instructions provided by student services when requesting a card.

My Liverpool App

If you would like to use the My Liverpool App to access campus Library services and your loaning and other Library records, including physical loaning using the app please see this page - also see the 'Physical borrowing' tab above. For further advice on use of the App please contact your Librarian

Student Guild/ NUS card

If you wish to obtain an NUS (National Union of Students) card (which can be used for some discounts at NUS affiliated stores), please contact the Student Guild at University of Liverpool via their Web pages

Also see the Library's 'Getting Started' guide providing an overview of physical and campus Library services and apps.

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