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Library for Online Programmes

Please see our 'Library Search' platform providing access to all our E-Books, E-Journals and more. You can see guides and video on using the platform. To log in click 'Sign In' (top right corner) then select 'University Members'. To provide us feedback please contact your Librarian
Note - the link below will focus your search for online resources, to search our print resources held in the Library, see the campus Library Web site.

Whilst you can search all E-Journals using DISCOVER or major platforms such as SCOPUS, you can also search individual journal databases:

You can browse all E-Journal databases or select a database below:

You can visit an individual E-Journal article by supplying the journal name, volume, issue number, start page and year:

Journal: please enter the exact title of the E-Journal e.g. Journal of Nursing NOT the title of the article.Journal   Volume: this is found toward the end of an E-Journal article citation before the issue number and starting page e.g. 13 (9), pp.19–37Volume    Issue: this is found toward the end of an E-Journal article citation after the volume number e.g. 13 (9), pp.19–37Issue    Start page: this is found at the end of an E-Journal article citation e.g. 13 (9), pp.19–37Start page   Year: this is found at the beginning of an E-Journal article citation e.g. Calingo, L. M. R., (1996)Year     

You can visit most E-Journal articles by supplying the DOI number for the article (use Cross Ref to locate a DOI):

Go to an article by DOI (Document Object Identifier) e.g. 10.1103/PhysRevA.68.021801