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Library for Online Programmes

Please note the University cannot issue full network (MWS) access for alumni, it is not possible to purchase access to the network, access to an MWS account requires a current active membership of the University. The Library does provide alumni access for selected E-Journal collections (an alumni login to access these resources can be activated following graduation on the UoL Alumni Portal See instructions below.

Services for Alumni

  • Physical borrowing e.g. books at UoL Liverpool Libraries - requires a current UK address, see this page for details. For checking physical loaned items in our new Library Search platform see this page.
  • 'Visitor' entry to UoL libraries (excluding loaning) is open to any individual regardless of UK residency, this requires registering for either a visitor ID card or day pass at the library desk.
  • Access to the full electronic resources using drop-in PCs located in Library buildings (available to any member of the public).
  • Online alumni access to collections such as Emerald, JSTOR and MUSE (see below).
  • Citation software - if you created an EN Online Account, you can continue to use this after graduating, the account then reverts to Basic (public version). You can also create new EN Online basic accounts after graduating at

E-Journals for Alumni (Emerald, JSTOR and ProjectMUSE collections)

Visit the Alumni Web site of the University to register an account for Alumni services:

  1. You can access Alumni E-Resources at see:
  2. Discounts and Resources > Study Discounts > Journals (large tab mid page)
  3. You will need to register - you can do this after browsing to one of the databases shown then see the 'Login/Register' link (bottom of page) (make a note of your new Alumni username and password).
  4. You should then receive an email from the Alumni office confirming your access has been granted.
  5. Return to the Alumni Web site, click on 'Discounts and Resources' in the left menu, then 'Study Discounts' (left menu), then click the 'Journals' image/tab (mid page), then see databases shown, you will need to log in using the 'Login/Register' link (bottom of page).

Sources for Articles, reports, Scholarly Databases


  • Open Library allows you to access E-Books across a wide range of scholarly disciplines (or fiction texts) for download in PDF format, note - some texts may require checking out (then view either on-screen or download in a time-limited format using Adobe Digital Editions).
  • provides Open Access texts, historical sources and community textbooks.
  • Project Guttenberg provides Open Access copyright-free E-Books, including classical literature.
  • For direct loaning or inter-library loan at your local, civic or academic Libraries and further sources see Campus and Other Libraries.

Further Help

For further details on Library services available for Alumni, see our Campus Libraries page. You can also contact the Librarian for online programmes for advice on accessing the above information sources or assistance accessing particular e-resources.

Also see information on services provided by other local/regional Campus and Other Libraries.

For further general advice on Alumni services provided by the University of Liverpool, please see the Alumni Web site.

You also also free to contact the E-Learning Librarian for advice on information sources/ Alumni E-Journals etc.

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