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Library - University of Liverpool
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Getting Started with the Library

Everything you need to know about using the Library this year

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Library service for Online Students

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The 'login status' box is unavailable at present, please use DISCOVER or other links/databases or search boxes as normal, you will be challenged to log in when using databases.

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Build Direct Links to E-Resources / Search Results

See the following tools to create links to E-Resources, also see our concise guide on Adding Direct Links to E-Resources.

Note - If you simply copy and paste article URLs from the databases this often won't work later or the link may change in the future.

Note - our OpenURLs have changed due to the closure of the JISC '' service, please see advice on this page for our new supported OpenURLs and a tool to convert old OpenURLs to our latest supported format.

Our new OpenURL article format looks like:  
The new OpenURL ebook format looks like:  
If you need to convert an old OpenURL ( or other older style link (e.g. to the new format use the conversion tool (see below).

Tools available include:

  • Additional Tools (further options e.g. to produce book listings by keyword)
  • E-Journal Article (Open URL) - this will show an intermediate popup listing licensed sources.
  • E-Journal Article (using the DOI Document Object Identifier) - this will go direct to the main publisher, take care using this as we sometimes license the resource from a 3rd party, not the original publisher. You can also create a non-UoL DOI for generic links, these will not direct via UoL authentication.
  • E-Book (Library Catalogue Permalink) - link to the book record in the catalogue displaying an icon to visit the book.
  • Convert OpenURL (from old formats such as the deprecated to our mew OpenURL format (see example above)

Also see the Additional Tools page for building the following links: E-Book Search by Title (using the Library Catalogue); E-Book Search by Keyword (using the Library Catalogue); Discover Search by Title; Discover Search by Keyword; Scholar Permalink.

Convert old link formats (such as or to new formats)

This tool can be used to convert old, or other older format links to our new supported OpenURL or OCLC ( format.


E-Journal Article (Open URL)

Journal Title (* not article title)
Year Volume Issue Start page

E-Journal Article (using the DOI Document Object Identifier)

If the DOI isn't shown in the article, you can try to locate it on Crossref.
DOI Number e.g. 10.1103/PhysRevA.68.021801
Public DOI (no UoL Login, useful for published works/theses) Press 'Build Link' to update the link for a non-UoL DOI

E-Book (Library Catalogue Permalink)

You can link to a specific item within the Library Catalogue. When you have located your e-book record in the Library catalogue you can use the 'Permalink' icon shown in the right menu to obtain a short, stable link. You can then copy the URL from your browser address bar, e.g.: